About us

Agape is a consultancy and publishing agency. It specializes in preparing custom publishing magazines as well as electronic newsletters.

Our agency means:
• a large portfolio of publications,
• wide experience in serving several hundred clients, but, above all
• a highly experienced and competent staff with great knowledge of newsletters and magazines published by Polish companies.
Our experts know perfectly well the specificity of the Polish reader.

Agape is an innovative company. We were the first institution in Poland to organize a conference on custom publishing magazines, followed by the Konkurs Biuletynów Firmowych. Both events enabled us to familiarize ourselves with a great range of problems, successes and experiences typical of the process of preparation and publication of custom publishing magazines.

Our specialists have developed a great number of tools needed to prepare high-quality newsletters and magazines, such as: training programmes, coaching, two books on custom publishing magazines (published for the first time in Poland), and other specialist publications.

We are the only company to organize audits of custom publishing magazines. Our audit is an in-depth analysis of the company’s existing publications. Based on its results, we are able in a short period of time to increase the attractiveness and efficiency of your newsletters and magazines.

We also conduct research among readers. Its aim is to evaluate and develop the quality of the existing publications.

Agape is a leading publishing agency on the Polish market. Our clients highly value our specialists’ experience, as well as the high quality of cooperation and professional consultancy.

They will see you better.

Agape Custom Publishing
Custom publishing agency from Warsaw
ul. Ficowskiego 15, 01-747 Warszawa
e-mail: biuro@agape.com.pl